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Etsy Page Grand Opening, Comics comics comics

March 17, 2017

I have built an Etsy page if you want to buy books, posters, or original art like this one:

*addendum*: This particular artwork has been sold already, (thank you Marc!) Please contact me if there is art you’re interested in that isn’t featured. -g

Also, here is an update on my Patreon Page:

Naked Guy

March 1, 2017

Hello strangers! Here is a favorite comic of mine from my patreon page: nakedguyI’ve been posting comics there about every other day for the past couple months.  There’s an ongoing meta-saga about Dungeons & Dragons, some comics about going to the “Dental Spa,” some tortured comics drawn with my left hand, and a whole lot of dog comics. If that’s your thing, check it out for as low as two dollars a month! It’s a lot of bang for the buck. I won’t judge if you pledge the minimum, I know how it is, things are tough all over!

Check it out here:

It’s July All Year Round Now

January 19, 2017

And not just because of global warming, but because I’m launching a Patreon page for my secret, scrappy, sad, funny, private diary comics. For as little as two dollars a month, you can read a wealth of my personal comics and keep tabs on my life, forever. Or until this free world collapses some time this  year.

There are already a bunch on there and I’m committing to at least six pages a month.

You can pledge 2$, 3$, 5$, 10$ or 50$, they all will basically give you the same access to my weirdo experimental comics, like this one: ywd


Everything is Flammable

December 13, 2016

It’s been three years in the making, and I can finally announce that my new graphic memoir, Everything is Flammable, is coming out in hardcover April 18th, 2017 from Uncivilized Books.

Everything is Flammable began in 2014, when I went back to my childhood home in the remote mountains of Northern California where my mother’s home, car and belongings had all been suddenly swallowed up by a fire. I then took several subsequent trips, trying to help as best I could as well as sticking my unwelcome, intrusive nose into my mom’s personal life and history, from which arose, with her begrudged blessing, this book.


Preorder the book from my publisher Uncivilized Books, IndieboundAmazon, or your favorite retailer.

If you’re a media person or have an event request, send an email to Alyson Sinclair at

Over the next few months I’ll be posting some new comics, and I’ve set up a brand new email newsletter. You can sign up and receive:

-Early chances at limited sales of books, prints and artworks.

-Announcements of events I’ll be appearing at.

-Tidbits, anecdotes, reflections, and slices.

-Alerts to new comics! Next week there will be a funny talking dog story.

If you’re subscribed to this blog, you’ll be automatically added to this list. All you will have to do is click “confirm” when you get the alert. Otherwise, please sign up here! I might be coming to your town and you don’t want to miss me!


This Weekend at CAB

October 31, 2016

This Saturday you can find me at the Uncivilized Books table, selling a new July Diary mini-comic, portraits and original artwork for super cheap at Comics Art Brooklyn. It’s a free event and the most exciting and talent-packed indie comics festival around. I will be at table D 155.