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Swiss Dispatch (day one)

April 4, 2012

Hi, I’m back! Did anyone notice my absence?

I promised that if I had access to a scanner I’d post some diary comics, but luckily there was none, because I also lacked the wherewithal to write/draw anything worth scanning. But now that I’m back I’ll be piecing together my recollections which I’ll post here sort of daily until I’m done.

That is to say, if you don’t want to read about my awesome trip to Switzerland, I’d suggest you not read this blog for the next two weeks.

That is, of course, Vanessa Davis

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  1. Kirk permalink
    April 5, 2012 2:44 am

    I was just wondering yesterday whether you had died in a fiery plane crash. It turns out you’re alive and posting comics. Sweet!

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