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A Comic To Make You Feel Sorry For Me (and a sale)

February 24, 2015

I am having a big sale of 29 of thirty one pages of my first July Diary originally posted in July 2011, now published in my book Truth is Fragmentary, at the very cheap price of one hundred dollars each, shipping included, no matter where you live! Take advantage of my poverty while you can and get a piece of my earlier, funnier work. There are some gems in there! The pages are listed below, and you can click the title of the page /buy now prompt, below each. Thank you! Oh, and here’s a new comic:

fell2The pages: j1Nice Pants (BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j2Nothing O Clock (BUY HERE) (Sold)

j3Skankin like a Ho(BUY HERE) (Sold)

j4Ben Franklin’s Dildo (BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j5Waste of Talent (BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j6Bodily Functions (BUY HERE)(SOLD!)

j7Live In A Tree(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j8A Different Person(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j9The Albanian Seducer(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j10The Proper Way to Walk(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j11Head Sized Ice Cream Sandwich(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j12Dinner As Dessert(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j13When the Plumber Asks if You Have a Boyfriend(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j14Bird’s Gonna Take a Shit(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j15Tongue Kiss his Grandmother(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j16Fueled By Fart Power(BUY HERE)

j17All the People and Cars(BUY HERE)

j18To Keep From Going Crazy(BUY HERE)

j19You’ve Got to Move Forward(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j20Crazy Synchronized Dance(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j21Punching Distance(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j22Is it Hot Enough for You?(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

j23Honk Twice(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j24True Grit(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j25Echo(BUY HERE) (SOLD)

j26Catbackriding(BUY HERE)  (SOLD!)

j27I Am Drunk(BUY HERE)(SOLD

j28Potty Mouth(BUY HERE) (SOLD!)

j29OKCupid Threesome(BUY HERE)(SOLD)

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  1. May 3, 2016 1:46 pm

    sadness is the truest form

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