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Books & Comics by Gabrielle Bell

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Everything is Flammable forthcoming in June 2017 from Uncivilized Books. “No one but Gabrielle Bell can so quietly traverse a single raw nerves for 160 pages. Just brilliant.” —Tom Hart, Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir

The Voyeurs (Uncivilized, 2012) “The Voyeurs is the work of a mature writer, if not one of the most sincere voices of her literary generation. It’s a fun, honest read that spans continents, relationships and life decisions. I loved it.”—Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library

Truth is Fragmentary (Uncivilized, 2014) “Bell’s work is bursting with heart. Her keen eye for detail and empathetic, introspective voice results in comics that are joyful, unexpected and often refreshingly hilarious.”—Huffington Post

Cecil and Jordan in New York (Drawn & Quarterly, 2009) “With a selective eye for detail and a knack for capturing tart dialogue, Bell squeezes joy from an underemployed and under-realized 20-something existence.”—The Washington Post

Lucky (Drawn & Quarterly, 2006) “[Gabrielle Bell’s stories are] palpably real and eloquently understated, with neither a wasted word nor an extra line.” —Booklist

When I’m Old and Other Stories (Alternative Comics, 2003)


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